Month: June 2013

Winter is Here

Hello Bloggersphere,

It has been a while. I must admit, Uni has me snowed under with work as I’ve changed my major to English and Children’s Literature. It has taken a bit of time getting used to  all the new things I had to learn, especially the lingo that seems to be paramount in Children’s Literature. They should change it to Children’s Psychology.

Anyway, I’m on a 4 week break ( I have 3 left) and it has taken me a week to recover, a lot of running around doing errands, but today was the first ‘blah’ day I’ve had in a while.

I woke up this morning to 2.4 degree weather and the sun shinning brightly. (Ah, Melbourne) What does one do on such a cold day?

Tom Herbert's recipe for Bap Rolls

Tom Herbert’s recipe for Bap Rolls

Well I made these lovely Bap rolls from the Fabulous Baker Brothers cookbook. While I was doing about 5 loads of laundry, I thought the best place to help these prove was near the clothes dryer where it was toasty warm. Everyone in my house knows that when I’m in the kitchen pottering around, I’m actually in therapy time, but what was great about today was that it was just Eva, me and complete silence. No TV in the background, no phones ringing, no recording in the music studio, just the sound of clothes washing and dough hooks whizzing and birds chirping in the cold, crisp air outside.

I love days like these, when there are no appointments to rush off to, nobody at my heels pressuring me to be there, go here, do that and best of all, having your phone on silent so you don’t have to answer it if you don’t want. I know some people like it, but I don’t get how some people need to fill every second of their life doing things or being places, like if they don’t squeeze everything possible into one day, they’re somehow missing out. People like that scare me because I wonder what it is they’re running from. There is nothing better than spending a day or two in a week being present, in your own company and alone with your thoughts. I even managed to do a bit of writing, something that gets quite neglected when there are essays to write instead. Someone asked me if I miss doing all my pottering around now that I am at Uni, after giving them a quizzical looks, because it is a bit of a ridiculous question, I calmly said no. I like the pressure of Uni, I love what I am studying and have even enrolled in a class over summer. What motivates me is the Trimester breaks, like the one I’m on now, where I can waste time crocheting, baking, pottering around in my PJs. It validates it somehow, like I’ve earned it. Imagine if I spend my whole life in my PJs? I don’t think that is very motivating now…. like I said, stupid question. I get asked a lot of stupid questions, so I’m used to it.

Tonight I’ve made an overnight Sherston Loaf that will be ready to bake tomorrow. I’m already anticipating that I’ll feel like pumpkin soup, so freshly baked bread is a total must. I hope it turns out OK. I’m pretty excited about it as it has very little yeast. You really must get on to the Fabulous Baker Brothers cookbook (link above) because there is nothing like real bread. The Herbert Brothers are very generous with their tips on making better bread at home. These guys are just hard working, family orientated baker/chefs who have some great tips and proven recipes (they work, trust me), so let’s get started on making our own real bread and stop eating that plastic stuff from the supermarkets.

One recipe that is a MUST are their Epic Trenchers…..Oh my Buddha, they’re the bomb!

Have a happy day guys



Rachel Khoo

Hello Everyone
This post goes out to my Aussie friends.
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