Month: September 2013

On a Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Again, I am trying new and interesting ways to procrastinate today. I wish I could break through this bad habit I have of doing everything else except study. The problem is, there are a couple of books this term that I’m just not getting happy with. This may be the cause, because usually I don’t need any encouragement to curl up on my over sized armchair with a blanket (although, not needed today), and a cuppa.

Today’s distraction is brought to you by the super-fabulous day Melbournian’s are enjoying right now. It is the first day of Spring and it has certainly come to the party. It is just beautiful outside and the thought of being indoors today is just too much to bear, but I don’t trust myself going out there. I’ll get distracted by other things and my book will fall by the wayside, so indoors I stay as punishment for my procrastination.

The local Fire Brigade has just sounded the siren, signifying that it has struck noon on this sunny Sunday. I’ve already done some basic housework, there is a bit more preparation to be done for dinner tonight, but other than that, I have no excuse not to read my book. Technically I only have this week to get through it before needing to read the play ‘Waiting for Godot’ which only takes me about 2 days to read. THEN I’ll hopefully have caught up with the rest of my class.

So does anyone have any great ideas on how to beat procrastination? My cousin Carmen once said that in order to study and to concentrate, you need to eat sugar. While that does work, it’s not exactly healthy for me with the amount of study that I need to accomplish. I don’t want to be a diabetic on my graduation day.

The man currently causing my procrastination. Louis Ferdinand Céline

The man currently causing my procrastination. Louis Ferdinand Céline