Month: December 2013

Assumption is a Bitch

Apparently I gauge men too high as a result of my Classics reading. I’m looking for Rochester, Darcy & Dantes instead of your average Joe. While I commend this person to have the balls to state this to me, albeit in a private message on Facebook, I was happy to amend their theory by assuring them that I am most grounded in my pursuit of my perfect alpha male that is meant to complete my soul (or some other mush).

We accept the love we think we deserve & I deserve a hell of a lot more than what has been presented to me in the past. I am in no hurry nor am I worried what anyone thinks about my life choices, especially someone so completely irrelevant to my future.

If you’re uncomfortable with having single friends, may I suggest you get a hobby that doesn’t involve meddling in the lives of others. It’s so boring, not to mention quite common in social pre-conditioned thought. Be unique.

Have a nice day & Happy Christmas to you & your family.

FYI, my Austen hero is Captain Wentworth, NOT Darcy. Assumption is a bitch!