I don’t do reviews, but here is a review about Kindle Paperwhite….

So…. I’m that person who whines about e-readers, shouting ‘it’s not the same as a book’ & ‘I like the smell of books’ (I do like the smell of books), & for years I’ve watched Kindle users on trains, in my shop waiting for their colour to process, & secretly thought they were nuts. I would walk into shops to look at Kindle devices, never impressed & always thinking there is something missing.
A friend who uses Kindle, only because her husband will divorce her if she buys anymore books to bring into their tiny apartment, would complain about the glare on the screen, yadda, yadda, yadda. I would lend her tangible books here & there to sate her hunger for reading printed paper.

Me? I started reading iBooks on my iPad, using a “Bookseat” to hold it up because it gets heavy in my hands. The downfall here is I don’t take my iPad outside my house. It’s too precious, I freaking love my iPad, I want to marry it. What do I do? I have overstuffed bookshelves & very little room to buy more shelves. Plus reading on iBooks, while it has improved, still has a glare & my eyes hurt after a while.

Last night, I walked into Dick Smith to look at some headphones, & while I was perusing the aisles, I saw the Kindle stand. HAVE YOU GUYS SEEN THE KINDLE PAPERWHITE?????? Oh my Buddha, I fell in love.
This little beauty has a glare-free screen that has a non-reflective surface. It’s so easy to read in any light, unlike the glossy tablets. It’s front-lit design helps reading without strain, as back-lit types project at your eyes causing strain (my abhorrence).
It’s thin & weighs next to nothing & the battery can last up to 8 weeks with wifi off on a single charge. HELLO????
I bought the 3G WiFi one which has no fees, Amazon pay the bill, which means I can download a book from anywhere (we’re talking globally), anytime, no problem. To test this out, I downloaded one of the many free books Kindle offer while on the train to the city & it worked no problem. Can we feel the love yet?

I waited. I waited & waited, hoping Kindle would get it right & finally they did. Check out these images taken on the iPad (so not the best camera)



I’m in love. The Paperwhite is just like reading a paper book. I never thought in a million years I would rave about a Kindle, but there you have it folks. It’s love that I’m feeling.

Go get one.


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