Month: October 2014

Blog Entry (that needs no title & yet this is it)

I wear my red shoes when I paint or write. Right now, in my bare feet, I am wondering about this blog & my attachment to it even though my posts aren’t as regular as they once were. Then I remembered…. I’ve changed. As this is a personal blog, it will change as I change and for that, I offer no apology. The reluctance hasn’t been to blog or not to blog, but has been about ‘I can’t blog that because that’s not what my blog is about’.

Who made that rule?



So, beware of the change. I am losing the confidence to describe to you, my world and my feelings. The difficulty lies in reaching to the sky to find the words that match my experiences. This won’t last forever and you’ll forgive me as I slur my way through this change, because you’re of the beautiful people.

Happy Friday Bloggers