Month: December 2015

When I grow up…

Nothing happened today

And everything happened too

These days have become habitual

Feet falling to the ground

standing in a comatose-like zen posture,

I blink

People mistake it for winking

Hard to shake some habits

I live in the ‘why bother’ age

where living defines you

Anger – Anger – Anger

“God I wish I was more like you”

Maybe if I lay down and

rest my head on your lap

I can close my eyes and

hear you describe the world

Maybe might convince me

the world is a beautiful place


Dear Diary

So far in my life, there has been a lot of writing that goes nowhere and I have no idea if more exists. Is it new? Or is it just regurgitation? Words come out and all I can do is put them in the order I see them. All these words are stream of consciousness which is the only way I can write. Editing them is not an option as my thoughts are these words that you see here, straight out of my head. By editing them, they cease to be what I want them to be and instead they become words that are well thought out and I find that to be inauthentic.

So I leave these words here to remind me that I think. I offer you no explanation or apology in my presentation, as I am a woman of this world with independent thought, and like you, have the right to be here.

I am independent thought

I seek enlightenment and want nothing of your trinkets

or your stupidity

Speak to me of mind, body and soul

all of which hold the key

The key that opens something that everyone wants

What do you want?