Month: March 2017


I’m shaking my head in disbelief at some shared posts I see on Facebook dissing International Women’s Day. These status updates were basically calling out for women protestor’s to go home or back to their jobs because what have we got to complain about?….. writing underdeveloped shit like ‘it’s not the 1950s anymore’
So I’m going to assume here that this woman whose status has me seething, has surrounded herself with other women who get equal pay and equal rights etc…. and can’t see beyond her own picket fence. The reason why I assume this is because she lacks the knowledge of why women in 2017 are protesting. What about the rest of the world? Not even the rest of the world, what about over the street, the lady with the different skin colour to her? So ALL skin colour, ALL ethnicity, ALL women INTERNATIONALLY have nothing to protest about? Look outside the borders of your own country FOR. THE. LOVE. OF. GOD!
I personally don’t allow myself to be put in a position where I suffer gender discrimination, and that is largely thanks to women who stood up for me in the past and the fact that I break balls. It still happens, it’s not perfect, however because of this, I stand with those who march because if all people did in the history of the world was never question, never protest, never revolt, we’d all still be living in the Spanish Inquisition.
I will not let this slide without reminding those women (and men who share the idea) that because of these protests, she gets to do whatever she chooses to do and not be questioned, assaulted or jailed. Feminists would NEVER see her as weak because she chooses to stay at home with her babies (as she accused in her status). She’s confusing feminists with arseholes! A bit like how Evangelicals get confused as Christians. It’s because of these women, who are carrying the torch of our ancestors that her choices are just that, her choice! I commend her for her choices, but want to punch her for not being thankful for how she got there.
Yeah, ask why in 2017 women are still protesting? Don’t question why the media are comfortable posting a photo taken in 2017 of 7 privileged, white men signing a legislation about what a woman is allowed to do with her reproductive organs, because if it was the other way…. WOAH!
I envy her safe circle and picket fence and FUCK the rest of humanity attitude, because the bubble she lives in sounds utopian.
I care more for her daughters, aunties, mums and nieces than she ever will when it comes to gender equality, but that’s OK, that’s MY choice. I’ll bat for her and her choice to stay in a bubble, because that’s what I do.
I’ll be back on November 19th to bat for International Men’s Day, for those men who silently endure domestic violence, who don’t get to see their kids because of family disputes and feel they have to suffer in silence because it’s ‘not manly’ to whine.
Please remember all those who fought for the rights that we are privileged to have today. Never insult their memory by telling protestors to ‘go home’ or confirm your stupidity on social media that we have International equality, because we don’t. We just fucking don’t!
Have a nice day. Enjoy your freedom if you think you have it.