Neglected Post

Hello Readers,

Yes it has been a while since I last blogged anything. Truth is, Summer makes it hard for me to participate. The heat and I are not friends and so I spend my days waiting for the day to just be over.

Today we have lots of rain, cold wind and grey skies. There’s soup brewing on the stove and a stack of Uni reading piled up high beside me. It would be utterly utopian for me if it wasn’t for the migraine I have had for the last 24 hours. Any migraine sufferers reading this will know that it just cripples you and all you can do is sleep and keep sleeping, and wait for the damn thing to pass. Then when it passes, you’re left with a slight headache and a feeling that I can only imagine to resemble being hit by a really big truck. Even writing this is hurting my eyes, but the need to do it outweighs anything else. While I do love my bed, and dream about being in my bed all day, it’s kind of an enemy today. You just can’t get comfortable when you have a migraine.

Not a very exciting post, but you’ll just have to live with it. It was more of a need on my part than for any sort of entertainment. Sorry anyway.

I miss my blogging and I miss sharing my writing with you. Here’s hoping the Muse comes to visit real soon.

How are you?